Basia is a Hamburg based artist. Her free-style figurative paintings blend childlike seriousness with freaky beauty. Being aware of constant influences by art history and media, she condenses imagination during the creative process and works neither with templates nor the observation of outside objects. She uses oil, acrylic and marker on canvas or paper. Her aim is to overcome realism humorously without being disjointed and without creating synthetic empty space secrets. Figures emerge that oscillate between enraptured cartoons and classic melancholy. Basia studied Fine Arts at University of Fine Arts Hamburg Lerchenfeld.

Meanwhile over 800 of her small size paintings and over 900 art dolls are scattered around the world in private collections. This confirms her conviction to paint and build easily shareable and really affordable art. 



  // Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg Lerchenfeld (HfbK)

     University of Fine Arts Hamburg Lerchenfeld

  // Performancezusatzqualifikation, YOP

  // Bühnenstudio der darstellenden Künste, Hamburg



"Spiegelattentäter", Maulkorb, Nr.15/09


"geschlossene Gesellschaft",Wildbrot-Wortbild,Ausgabe 2009 

"Muttersprache", Federwelt, Nr.73/08

"auf bewährung",ausserdem Literaturmagazin,Ausg.15, 2008

"mein Bruder hatte Füsse"+"schwarze Witwe in Grammatik",Die Aussenseite des 

 Elements,Hrsg.Jan Wagner, Literaturschachtel Nr.2


Dollums Magazine Vol.3,Präsentation meinr Arbeit, Juli 2013

Kulturmagazin freshviewer, Ausgabe 13, Künstlerporträt, Januar 2013

CD-Cover, Album "Karajane" von Lind Bohm (, Februar 2012

Artlas Kunstmagazin Nr.5/2010, Artikel über meine Arbeit von Jennifer Held